Dale Jr.

Dale Jr.

Date Published: August 1, 2009

Employer / Client:Iostudio / National Guard

Programs: Flash, Photoshop, After Effects

Languages: ActionScript, PHP, SQL, XML, JavaScript

This is the most complex Flash site I’ve built to date and working on it was a lot of fun.

The entire site was modularized into multiple Flash files so that each section would only load once the user requested it, lowering server overhead and initial load time.

The content of the site was loaded through parsing XML that was output via PHP after requesting the necessary data from a central database. Much of the content, such as standings or next race information, would also automatically update on a weekly basis by utilizing external web services or database feeds.

The site was very rich in animation but quick enough to not be a hindrance. As usual, I did the animation via programming so that the frame rate of the animation would adjust according to the processing power of a users computer. If somebody was on a slow computer, animation might not be visible but transitioning between content would happen at a normal rate without slowing the users computer.

  • Event tracking
  • Modularized content
  • Custom video player
  • Send to a friend