Dan Wenner Developer & Designer


My name is Daniel Wenner and I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee with my fiance, Mary, and our two dogs, Maggie and Toby.

We moved to Nashville in 2008 after I graduated with a B.S. in Interactive Media Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

In the future we would like to relocate to the "Research Triangle" area in North Carolina.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you move to Nashville?

A: Following college graduation I knew I didn't want to stay in Philadelphia or the surrounding area. My brother was living in Nashville at the time, I had enjoyed visiting the city multiple times in the past and new there was a large tech industry so I decided to pack my stuff into a car and move there.

Q: Why do you want to move to North Carolina?

A: Mary and I have been wanting to move somewhere new in order to get a change of pace/scenery and to be slightly closer to our families in Pennsylvania, where we grew up and eventually met. We're also pretty tired of being landlocked and would really like to be closer to the ocean.

We were initially planning on leaving in 2012 when I began a 6 month contract with Vanderbilt with the intention of leaving the state afterwards. I was offered a permanent position and I was (and still am) enjoying working there, so I accepted.

In the 5 years since, my neighborhood has been massively effected by urban sprawl and the properties surrounding mine are being bulldozed and replaced with condos. I suspect that it will soon be in my landlord's best interest to flip this property as well, so I feel that my time here is running out!

Q: Why did you leave iostudio?

A: The company had to downsize and upper-management determined, prematurely it seems, that I was non-essential. The job was offered back to me a week or two later but I had already gained employment elsewhere so I agreed to work on contract during evenings and weekends on the projects that I had worked on previously.

Q: Why did you leave Applied Health Analytics?

A: Applied Health Analytics was a brand new startup company, of which I was the first employee following the CEO and CIO. Throughout my employment I was directly responsible for making many aspects of the business possible so I willingly ended up performing multiple jobs, many of which were unrelated to my actual job title or even web development and programming in general (such as tech support, data entry, printing, packaging, shipping, billing).

Although I enjoyed various aspects of the work I was doing, I felt that I was doing too many things not directly related to the development field and I had spent enough time waiting for new employees with appropriate backgrounds to help alleviate those aspects of my workload.


  • Dogs
  • Motorcycles
  • Building things
  • Outdoor activities
  • Generic stuff (e.g., music, movies, video games, tv shows, books, food, pants, etc.)


  • Bills
  • Excessive amounts of commuting
  • The "Millennial Whoop"
  • Open-offices (yes, I generally prefer cubicles)
  • Generic stuff (e.g., mean people, car problems, millipedes, etc.)